01 - Be human

User. First. Period.

02 - Be Ambitious

Add 10x more value than now.

03 - Be Simple

Inspire with user experience.

04 - Be Possible

Grow into a platform ecosystem.

05 - Be Open

Connect business opportunities.

06 - Be Influential

Be the marketing hub.


The dotpulse ambience is a mixture of intensive exchanges, easy chaos, humorous respect and concentrated activity.

Our rooms reflect our open workings. There is no place for delimitations; We do not know traditional hierarchies and strict subdivisions.

We are attentive listeners. This is why we recognize those needs that are hidden between the lines. In an informal exchange with our customers, we often learn more about the wishes and requirements than in formal conversations.

Curiosity is our driving force. The digital world is constantly expanding. Therefore, a standstill leads to a residue.

We are pursuing new opportunities in the digital world and are driving forward changes so that their business models will endure today and tomorrow.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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