Recognize potentials

  • Web Analytics
    Visitor roots and behavior
  • Personas
    Typology and motivations of customer groups.
  • Customer Experience
    Consumer experiences until purchase.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Strengths and weaknesses of the competition.


Pursue perspectives

  • Objectives & KPIs
    Definition of objectives and ensure measurability.
  • Value proposition
    Values ​​& offers for the customer journey
  • Digital Marketing Mix
    Occupation of relevant touch-points of the customer journey.

Web Presence

Build the solid ground

  • Requirements Engineering
    Maintain and prioritize website requirements.
  • Architecture & Interaction Design
    Website structuring for the best possible user experience.
  • Content
    Content development according to user requirements and intentions.
  • Visual Design
    Attracting presentation of messages.
  • Frontend- & Backend-Development
    Provide the best possible User Experience.


Create awareness

  • Digital Branding Strategy
    Requirements for digital branding with messages and in media.
  • Storytelling
    Embossing of a tangible brand image in relevant channels.
  • Branding Campaign
    Address the messages in the target audience environment.
  • Content Marketing
    Spreading content, launching topics in editorial environments.
  • Social Marketing
    Build and manage a community.


Increase demand

  • AdWords
    Selected targeting of consumers in search results.
  • Remarketing
    Keep in touch with the consumers after initial contact.
  • Social Campaigns
    Targeted consumer communication in the social web.
  • Newsletter Marketing
    Strengthen demand, generate customer loyalty.
  • Conversion Optimization
    Exploiting ways to maximize conversions.


Maximize the impact

  • Rankings
    Control visibility, search volume and clicks in the search results.
  • Social Engagements
    Control the social media marketing impact on the community.
  • User Behavior
    Monitoring of traffic sources, site usage, and conversions.
  • Opportunities
    Identifying missed opportunities and the resulting loss.