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Allplan is a leading provider of CAD and BIM software for engineers. With a promotions site, Allplan wants to further penetrate the advantages of the “Engineering” software for building construction, civil engineering, road construction as well as for artificial structures in the market.

Long pager format For the site, dotpulse has deliberately opted for the long pager format. Generously designed and quickly accessible, the software features are presented to the user without requiring a single click.


More than just a page for search engines
Without corresponding measures, the search engines index a long pager as a single page. That is why the dotpulse developers have made all the elements of the Longpager accessible to the search engines as individual elements. Thus the prerequisite for a high visibility in the search results were created.


Analytics for Longpager
A sophisticated tracking provides important information about visitor behavior for the design of the future on- and off-line marketing activities. Even the scroll depth of the visitors is measured.


Neos CMS
The website is another project that dotpulse has implemented with the innovative, user-friendly Neos CMS. Creating a long pager in a CMS is a complex issue. Dotpulse has succeeded in developing an innovative system which has attracted wide interest in the community and is therefore presented at the next Neos conference in Germany.